The Bayonets Black Friday Fun

Written by Brian on Nov 23 2016 at 06:05 PM |News |Website Updates

The Bayonets Black Friday Fun

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends~

The holiday season is upon us again and I have a few announcements,
so let’s DO THIS!

It’s been awhile and now that the One On One tour and all the Desert Trip dust has settled, I wanted to pop by with some super exciting news.

The Bayonets Black Friday Fun

First, I am pleased to announce that The Bayonets have signed a new licensing deal with JEM Records for a rerelease of our album, “Crash Boom Bang!” along with 2 brand new tracks to be made available this spring/early summer! We are really excited to be getting back into the studio to bring you more of that spicy goodness that you so generously supported, now with the great team at JEM Records.

After 6 songs in a row from The Bayonets were deemed “Coolest Song In The World” by Little Steve Van Zandt at his fantastic renegade radio channel (Channel 21, The Underground Garage at SiriusXM) we released a 10 song album to our fans and friends with great results, fab reviews and tons of airplay. Now our updated album will see a wider release through JEM Records and Sony/RED distribution. You will soon find it at digital sites, streaming and as a physical CD at many outlets near you along with new cover art as well.

Visit the Bayonets Shop

NEW~ Our Black Friday offer:

We would like to offer you all a 40% discount off of all merchandise at our website beginning Friday, November 25th and running through December 24th.

In addition, we have a cool personal offer from our own private stash:

We’ve been sitting on twelve “Crash Boom Bang!” CD’s with autographs from Lucrecia, Oliver and myself. These will be offered, one per day for the Twelve Days of Christmas, beginning on December 1st. We are offering them for $20 each and are available on a first come, first served basis!

(There is no discount on special offers or digital downloads).

Visit the Brian Ray/ Bayonets Shop

So…back to the world at large… what a year, right?!

Music continues to be the salve for the soul, a tonic for the spirit whatever your need may be, whatever your mood. Music can soothe you and it can fix all of us if you let it. We want to be a part of your lives, and invite you to be a part of ours.

This is an opportunity for all to show our humanity to our loved ones and to those who are in need at this time, all over the world. It’s been a wild ride in many ways this year, to be sure, and it’s time to settle in with each other in the spirit of gratitude to take a look at the things which connect us as humans, not just during the holidays but eternally; to really “see each other” when we look at each other and to be grateful in our lives for what we have and for what we offer mankind. It’s a time for service and seeing how we can help those in need. Let’s look up. Let’s dig in.

Let’s make 2017 really count.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below, please drop in!
Take care of one another.
We need music and we need each other.

The Bayonets

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