News from the One on One tour, The Bayonets and Brian Ray

Written by Brian on May 02 2016 at 03:38 PM |News |Website Updates

News from the One on One tour, The Bayonets and Brian Ray

Hello my friends,

It’s been a thrill to get up and running with the new ‘One On One’ world tour with Paul McCartney and the band. Tonight we played in a city we haven’t played before: Little Rock, ARK. followed by Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and on and on, ‘One On One’. I hope to see some of you at the upcoming shows, as more exciting dates are being announced every week.

News from the One on One tour, The Bayonets and Brian Ray

It is my pleasure and honor to be invited by Paul to sell my solo and The Bayonets albums in Paul’s merchandise stand, so if you’re coming to a show, pop by the main merch booths and say hello!

Also, I want to offer all of my friends here at our website a chance to purchase some merchandise at a discount for a limited time only, worldwide. We ship safe, secure and quickly, thanks to the Whooray Team merchandise department in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks Shelly and Michael!

Visit the Brian Ray/ Bayonets Shop

So, here’s the plan ~ for one month, we are offering 15% off ALL merchandise; tees, CD’s LP’s, signed 8x10’s, totes and stickers. We even have some cool necklaces and a few bracelets with a pewter ‘guitar pick’ with a dog’s paw design from which we’ve been sharing profits with Adopt A Pet. It’s a great way to promote pet adoption and save all animals from harm and neglect and to help them find homes. Check them out here:

Visit the Brian Ray/ Bayonets Shop

The people who are passionate about independent music have so much in common and I’ve found so many through my music who share my interests in pet adoption and musician foundations for healthcare (like MusiCares) along the way. It shows me that I chose the right career path back when I was a little kid. There was never a question of what I wanted to do; it’s all I’ve ever done. Because of people like you who care and share their love of new music we will continue writing and recording music so that we might entertain you while expressing our ideas in music.

Thank you, one and all for your support for The Bayonets and for my solo music over the years ... we love you all.
Watch this space for new plans and surprising shenanigans, ok?


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