New Music Alert!

Written by Brian on May 16 2017 at 01:16 AM |News |Music |Website Updates

New Music Alert!

New Music Alert!

The Bayonets are pleased to announce the release of 2 new singles on the re-release of our album, Crash Boom Bang! on JEM Records / Sony RED.

New Music Alert!

The first single, Like She Does, will be featured on radio stations all over the USA, including LA’s own The Undereground Garage on 100.3 The Sound starting Saturday, May 13.

The album, featuring the 2 new songs along with the 10 previously released songs (6 of which were deemed “Coolest Song in the World”) has been in heavy rotation on Little Stevens Underground Garage on SiriusXM. Check out the cool new artwork too! The new release will be available on May 17th at stores and digital outlets worldwide. You can also purchase it from us on our site at the store page. We’re very excited to partner up with JEM Records / Sony RED for this new worldwide record deal.

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Our newly remastered digital download (in MP3, FLAC or Apple Lossless) is available for free immediately with every new CD purchase.

Check out our cool new tees, in 2 styles, for men and women and a few kid sizes too.

We also have some cool, easy-peel stickers with our brand new logo and an 8.5x11 mini-poster of our new caricature style album artwork with an optional frame, shipped fast and safe, worldwide as well. Check out the store!

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We want to thank YOU, our beautiful friends and fans for your support over the last few years. You brought us to this place and we’re honored to be on your playlists, in your cars and on the radio, keeping you company as you navigate through the night.

We’ll see you out there on the road and perhaps we’ll get to see you for some live performances as well, if scheduling permits.

Join us on our (spam free) mailing list for more announcements to come.

Thank you all,
The Bayonets

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