Christmas Time Is Cruel

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Christmas Time Is Cruel

Hello Friends, near and far~

The time has come for a little bit of Christmas Cheer. The Bayonets have written and recorded a new song for your holiday playlist! For your listening pleasure, we give you “Christmas Time Is Cruel” 

Christmas Time Is Cruel

Check out this crazy story~
So there I was, just last week…

I was driving to the mastering studio, where the final stage of a song’s recording is done, this one in Culver City named The Bakery (because the owner of said studio’s last name is Boulanger, get it?) when my hands-free car phone rings out.
It’s Steven Van Zandt on the line, telling me how he loves the new song we had just submitted (an early mix) so he could consider it for airplay on his radio station, The Underground Garage… Yes, the same song I was on my way to finalize, audio-wise.

THEN, Steven says, “I’m gonna play your song in any case but I think it should be bigger with more production!” Now, lately I favor more stripped down records but I’m intrigued because not only is he a guy I look up to, musically and otherwise, but he’s also the curator of his station and one of the world’s foremost Rock ‘n Roll musicologists. The version we sent him was very much a “Wall of Garage Sound” style, as are the melody and the arrangement, but in a stripped-down Bayonets style.
So I said, “Yeah? Like what are you hearing?” He said, “more guitars (cool!!), more percussion, like castanets starting in the second verse, and strings in the chorus!” Wow, so now he is hearing the full-on legit “Wall of Sound” style made famous in the early 60’s by Phil Spector with records like “Be My Baby” “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and many others.
Now~ mind you, we had our recording almost finalized, I’m on the way to do that last process!
But Steven is now offering to record all of his ideas on TOP of our mastered track to show us what he means.
So I thought about it, ran it by Oliver and we said, “YES!”

A few days later we got our song back with his ideas on top and booked some studio time to add real strings (he had played synth strings) as well as a few other of the items recorded with our own instruments. What you’re going to hear now, is our remixed version, with Little Steven Van Zandt lending his playing and arrangement talents to the latest song from The Bayonets. This new Steven Van Zandt version was mastered and sent to iTunes just 2 days ago, on Wednesday Dec 8. How’s that for fast?

So, without further ado, here is the resulting recording, Christmas Time Is Cruel, by The Bayonets, available today!

We will be featured starting next Friday night on SiriusXM Ch21 and several other radio shows too, so find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Radio times in the coming days.

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*For our friends who have already purchased our new Vinyl in any bundle (not CD only bundles, but Vinyl or Vinyl + bundles), you will receive the song for FREE, for the rest of you it will be a modest $.99 purchase. It will also be sold wherever you buy downloads as well.

This is a time where music becomes more important than ever. The holidays can get tricky, the season brings with it a cornucopia of feelings, so we need to pull ever closer. Lean into your loved ones, not away from… don’t be alone. The world has been really intense lately and it seems we could all use a little escape, a little warmth and a whole lot of love.

So, here you go, 3:32 of pure Xmas Joy mixed with a dash of ennui.

Sent with love from
The Bayonets

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