The Bayonets Rank #1 In 2017

Written by Brian on Jan 02 2018 at 10:03 PM |News

The Bayonets Rank #1 In 2017

Happy New Year 2018!

I woke up to the thrilling news that YOU, the fans of The Bayonets and my solo music, voted The Bayonets’ “Like She Does” the #1 Coolest Song In The World 2017 at the listeners poll on Little Stevens Underground Garage SiriusXM 21.

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I’m over the moon, chuffed, psyched and blown away by the response you all have given our music this year and for the last 4 years now.

Wait, is that even possible? Yes! The first single, “Sucker For Love” (from what later became the album “Crash Boom Bang!”) was released on Valentines Day, 2013 and was discovered by chance online that evening by Maureen Van Zandt, who immediately played it for her husband, and within one day and a few emails, we were off and running on a fantastic journey. We’ve been so fortunate to have 6 songs deemed “Coolest Song In The World” from the album and with the proper label release in 2016, came the big cherry on top - the new lead-off track, “Like She Does” just won Coolest Song In The World 2017.

6 Coolest Songs

It is one thing to be recognised by Steven Van Zandt, someone who is a student and teacher of the popular music which many of us were raised on known as Blues, R&B and Rock and Roll, but it is quite another to be voted to #1 by you, the fans of the station and of modern Garage Rock.

We want to thank all of you!

To you, our fans and friends, to Steven van Zandt and all of his renegade DJ’s, to his producer, Dennis Mortensen, THANK YOU!
Thank you, from Oliver, Lucrecia and me, from Davey Faragher, and our Vox Continental playing keyboard guest, Benmont Tench III. To the engineers, Joe and Jose and finally to JEM Records / Sony RED for rolling the dice on us.

We Love You.
Happy 2018!

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