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~New Website for The Bayonets~

Written by Admin on Apr 29 2013 at 12:38 PM

Dear friends, far and wide~

There are so many things to report but firstly,

The Bayonets now have their own site!

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The Bayonets NEWS

Written by Admin on Apr 10 2013 at 01:58 PM

Hey hey!!

Are you seated?

Ok, this is big stuff… Oliver and I are please to announce that the radio has apparently been a buzz with our new band, The Bayonets!!

That’s right.. as many of you know, it started with Little Stevie Van Zandt responding to our debut single with an offer to play our new song on his radio show, “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” broadcasting in 180 countries worldwide and 170 markets on terrestrial radio stations in the USA alone. Oliver and I have watched as other new stations have picked up on “Sucker for Love” and because off all of this airplay, we just broke the Top 10, currently at #9 in airplay in the USA at Classic Rock format stations (via Media Base).

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